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Rebel Pride Says:



REBELS PRIDE SAYS:The Rebels continue their winning streak with a 39-6 win over Lanier County. The Rebels will be open this week and will return on Oct 16 at Clinch County.

Oct 15, 2015- AR360 Training

AR360 Training will be in Technology Lab all day.

Oct 22, 2015- COMPASS Parent's Night

COMPASS Parent's Night

Oct 24, 2015- Homecoming Dance

The Homecoming Dance will be Saturday, Oct 24th from 7:00pm to 10:30pm in the Civic Center.

Nov 16, 2015- Georgia College Day

Georgia College Day

PSAT - October 14, 2015

The Main administration of the PSAT will be Oct 14, 2015

SLO Post Assessment - Dec 14-17, 2015

SLO Post Administration for HS Semester Classes and MS Connections

SLO Pre Assessment - Jan 5-8, 2016

SLO Pre Assessment administration for HS Semester Classes and MS Connections

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Employee Time Clock

Emergency Procedures

Principal letter to parents explaining the procedures we will follow in an emergency situation.
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